Suggestion Box

Suggestions for Improvement

In an effort to continuously improve our operation, we invite all Aegis Team Members to submit suggestions for improvement either using this form or the paper version located on the side of the Suggestion Box next the break room. Please note if you use the paper version you will need to write your name on the form.

The suggestions will be collected weekly and reviewed for potential implementation. Suggestions should be presented on the following form and should include the issue or challenge that needs improvement along with why it may be holding our team back or a barrier to success. It should also include the team member’s suggestions on what action/actions would remove the barrier or help make the process better.

All the suggestions will be reviewed by the Management Team and each quarter, the employee who submits the suggestion that has the greatest impact on improving our Company will win a $250 gift certificate of their choice.

Thank you for your suggestions!

Signed the Management Team of Aegis Energy Services

Suggestion Form