Shared Savings

The Aegis Energy Services Shared Savings Program


Aegis Energy Services has developed a special energy program, which allows clients to take advantage of energy cost savings from an Aegis cogeneration system without requiring a capital investment. 

We will design, install, own, maintain, fuel, and operate a modular cogeneration system at no cost to your facility.  Aegis will interface the cogeneration system with your electrical and mechanical systems to provide both metered electrical and thermal energy (heat). 

The cogenerated electricity will be provided to your facility at a discount from your prevailing utility electrical rates while heat is provided at standard cost. 

In addition to annual energy savings, substantial annual savings ($20,000±) also occur to the Host site through the amortization of the capital cost of the system. Through the host site’s purchase of electricity, Aegis is amortizing the capital cost of the equipment… therefore, at any time during the contract period the host site has the opportunity to buy the equipment at a decreasing cost.

  • 100% of the original market value during the 1st year.
  • 50% at the end of the 10th year
  • Buy out for one year’s payment after the 15th year.

Full savings benefit would be realized for many years thereafter with the Aegis comprehensive maintenance program.  

The objective is to get our CHP/cogeneration system operating now and amortize a plant over the contract period using the same dollars currently expended for monthly electric utility bills.