Senior living facility’s CHP installation turns energy savings into capital improvements

Senior living facility’s CHP installation turns energy savings into capital improvements


Bradley Home and Pavilion located in Meriden, Connecticut

A 2006 decision to install an Aegis Energy Services Combined Heat and Power system has had a positive impact on Bradley Home’s bottom line

When Molly Savard first heard about Combined Heat and Power, she remembers thinking it was a good idea. As the Executive Director of the Bradley Home & Pavilion Senior Care Facility in Meriden, CT., the thought of saving money with a cleaner, more efficient power supply seemed to make a lot of sense.

“Our board chairman was an engineer,” she recalls. “He thought it made a lot of sense as well. We also had a grant from Connecticut Light & Power. I was very much for it.”

After 7 years of seamless operation, Bradley Home continues to realize benefits

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from its Aegis cogen installation.

Built in 1938 to serve the aged community of Central Connecticut, the Bradley home facilities provide quality elder care for its residents. The Bradley Home and Pavilion consists of two levels of care licensed by the State of Connecticut; a Residential Care unit features 74 private rooms and the Skilled Nursing Unit houses 30 beds.

“Our core mission is to take care of the elderly,” said Savard. “We also want to be a productive part of the community. Overall, we want to be good citizens.”

Savard was able to further both of those initiatives by partnering with Aegis Energy Services, Inc.

Founded in 1985, Aegis Energy Services is a full service Combined Heat and Power developer and installer that utilizes modular systems to reduce both energy costs and emissions for a variety of facilities, from healthcare and assisted living facilities, to recreational and multi-residential complexes, and hotels. There are also institutional, educational, and industrial facility applications.

Aegis Energy’s Combined Heat and Power systems deliver two forms of energy- heat and electricity, from a single fuel source (natural gas). The high-efficiency CHP systems significantly reduce energy costs and harmful emissions, as recognized by the EPA.

The Aegis Combined Heat and Power system provides a percentage of the facility’s electrical load and thermal requirement.

“We have saved tens of thousands of dollars with our Aegis cogen system over the years,” Savard said. “It has raised our energy efficiency as well.”

If the decision to work with Aegis had not been made in 2006, many of the improvements and efficiencies that have taken place at Bradley Home may have been put on hold.

“Projects are always done on an ‘as needed’ basis,” she said. “If we don’t have the money the project gets put off. The savings from our cogen installation helps us accomplish a lot of different projects, things like window replacement. Without that savings, we wouldn’t be able to keep up with a lot of these maintenance projects.”

Savard is thrilled with the decision to go with Aegis.

“We love our cogen,” she said. “And Aegis has been great with service. I would do it again.”

Aegis Energy Services is the leader in modular CHP systems, having installed nearly 500 systems in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

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