People in Power: Sarah Florek, Manager of Energy Analysis

People in Power: Sarah Florek, Manager of Energy Analysis

 As the Manager of Energy Analysis at Aegis Energy Services, Inc, Sarah Florek has her hand in many of the functions that bring added value to Aegis’ Combined Heat and Power clients.

Her primary functions involve either reducing or eliminating a capital outlay for clients through grant writing and quantifying both the potential and success of Aegis’ innovative Shared Shavings program.

 Aegis Energy Services’ Shared Savings is a program that allows clients to take advantage of energy cost savings from an Aegis Combined Heat and Power system without requiring a capital investment. Aegis will design, install, own, maintain, fuel, and operate a modular cogeneration system at no cost to the host facility. 

 Through the host site’s purchase of discounted electricity, Aegis is able to amortize the capital cost of the equipment thereby allowing the host site, at any time during the contract period, the opportunity to buy the equipment at a decreasing cost.

 “I manage the analysts who perform savings calculations for prospective customers along with year-end savings for current customers,” says Florek, who has been with Aegis for 14 years. “I also oversee all of the energy billing for the Shared Savings customers.”

 As one could imagine, there are a lot of variables to making such a program work, such as the cost associated with manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of the system, along with the current and projected cost of electricity.

 It is Florek’s job to stay on top of these variables.

 “I track the different energy markets,” said Florek, who was an Economics major in college. “My understanding of market principles helps me with forecasting.”

The typical day for Florek will involve a morning meeting with managers followed by reviewing and finalizing any Shared Savings invoices that were completed the previous day.

  “I almost always have one or two different grants that need to be worked on,” she said. “I may have customer inquiries that I have to follow up on. Sales will usually stop in my office with questions they may have about particularly complex building systems.”

 Florek also works diligently on grant writing, another service that adds value for Aegis clients.

 “All grants generally go through me,” she said. “I research the grants and develop the format Aegis will use to respond to each particular grant.”

With Florek’s input, Aegis clients have successfully applied for and received grants in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. In fact, Aegis Energy Services has secured over $2 million in grants and incentives over the past 5 years for its customers.

“There is very little chance that the customer could write most of these grants on their own,” she said.  “Generally they are highly technical. Some of it involves work from our other departments and requires electrical and mechanical drawings.”

Florek’s experience and expertise provides Aegis Energy Services, Inc clients with a tremendous advantage in identifying and securing financial incentives and future savings through the use of CHP.

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