People in Power: John DaSilva

People in Power: John DaSilva 

John DaSilva has worked with Aegis Energy Services, Inc for nine years, handling business development in New England. During that period, DaSilva has learned the value of patience, as the process of educating the marketplace on Combined Heat and Power, also known as cogeneration or CHP, takes time.

 “Time is a challenge,” says DaSilva. “We have to educate our potential clients on the technology and benefits of CHP for their facility.”

 While Combined Heat and Power technology has conceptually been used for over 100 years, it is still new to some building owners and facility managers looking for ways to save on energy costs and reduce emissions.

 “This updated technology and our company are new to many of our clients,” said DaSilva. “A potential client will only sign a contract when they feel comfortable about how the technology works, and how savings are calculated for their project.”

 DaSilva said there are other questions that are typical for a client unfamiliar with CHP.

 “They will want to know who else is using the technology, and why they should choose Aegis Energy,” he noted.

 In those instances, DaSilva can point to Aegis’ installation of nearly 500 CHP systems during a 27 year operating history, which makes the company the largest developer of modular CHP systems in the Northeast.

DaSilva is well-suited to educate potential clients on the value of Combined Heat and Power systems installed by Aegis Energy Services, Inc. DaSilva has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts.

 “My engineering and business background gives me a better understanding of our clients’ technical and financial questions and issues,” he said. “The education also allows me to speak the same language whether I’m talking with a Chief Financial Officer or a facility director.”

 In his time at Aegis Energy Services, Inc, DaSilva has worked with more than 40 clients installing 70 Combined Heat and Power systems throughout the region. For DaSilva, the job is all about providing value.

 “The value for the client is that they receive the service and performance they paid for,” he said. “Our value is that we have a happy client for recurring business or as a reference for other clients.”










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