Jim Leclerc knows from previous experience what it is like servicing three-way valves on an eight-foot ladder.

“Not much fun,” he says.

That’s why, as a Load Module Assembler for Aegis Energy Services, Inc., Leclerc touts the modular approach to Combined Heat and Power systems adapted by Aegis.

“It allows for an almost ‘plug-n-play’ set up,” Leclerc said. “The site contractors need only to run piping from module to module. It eliminates past practices of hanging pumps 15 feet in the air where it would be difficult to service.”

Leclerc has been working with Aegis Energy Services, Inc. since 1994. He has a General Contractor’s license and experience in the refrigeration business to go along with his pipe-fitting and assembly skills. He appreciates the Aegis customized, modular systems because he knows that no two boiler rooms are alike.

“Some have large space areas,” he said. “While others are such that a system would need to be shoehorned in.”

Aegis has a custom-fit solution for all of them.

“Many of the modules are customized,” Leclerc said. “We have the standard ‘pump module’ which is the unit found directly over the cogen control box. The radiator ‘dump module’ is pretty much the same for most sites but even these get changed to accommodate the site’s needs.”

Aegis Energy Services, Inc.’s Combined Heat and Power systems are assembled in the company’s plant and are manufactured to the highest standards in a controlled environment. The systems are tested during assembly, thereby assuring the quality and operation before install. By maximizing quality and efficiency, the company can maximize savings for its clients.

The system is customized for each site, right down to the load module.

“The load module takes the heat generated by the cogen engine and passes the water through a plate heat exchanger,” Leclerc says. “The heat is transferred to the customer’s heat loop or domestic hot water loop.”

Each heat exchanger can range in size from a 20-plate to a 100-plate or more, based on the amount of thermal energy that is called for by the building load. The Aegis load module is designed and engineered to interface with each building’s specific heat load. Heat exchangers are also sized appropriately.

The modular approach also provides for a seamless install of the Aegis Energy Services, Inc. Combined Heat and Power system.

While Leclerc is fitting equipment into the customized module frame, the building mechanical work is being done independently. When the system is delivered, the install team can tie the two together.

The process is quick and efficient, and guarantees service technicians won’t be hanging from

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eight-foot ladders to service the equipment.

“The modular installation also gives the service techs a compact view of what is going on with the system,” Leclerc said. “I like to make all modules easy to read and therefore easy to service.”

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