PEOPLE IN POWER: Jed Campbell, Production Technician

PEOPLE IN POWER: Jed Campbell, Production Technician

When Jed Campbell arrived on the manufacturing floor of Aegis Energy Services, Inc four years ago, his job as production assistant was strictly nuts and bolts-type work in the service of manufacturing Combined Heat and Power systems.

Over the years, the scope of Campbell’s job description has evolved along with his knowledge and ambition. Campbell, who came from the automotive industry, used downtime to help out in other areas around the shop.

That “downtime” came as a result of organization and inventory skills that Campbell utilizes to work in the most efficient manner possible.

“I know my work area,” he says. “I know where all the parts are and that allows me to assemble in a timely manner. Also, I have everything memorized which allows me to help others as I’m working at the same time.”

Aegis Energy Services, Inc is a fully-integrated Combined Heat and Power company
“from CAD to completion” and employs individuals who have the ability to adapt and the ambition to grow.

Campbell has a long list of job requirements and projects that he is now equipped to handle.

“Everything from engine and head changes for the service department to service work as needed,” he said. “I do plumbing, rigging and installation, insulating of piping, painting equipment, and assisting the start up guy.”

 With Aegis CHP systems having such high run times, employees like Campbell represent the first line of defense in guaranteeing high quality machines. Before any machine is shipped, Campbell said each goes through an engine break and test for the cam shaft, along with a load test and emissions test.

 As a Production Technician, Campbell is also utilized for design ideas as Aegis is constantly innovating and upgrading its CHP systems. “I have suggested ways to make the machine easier for the service department to handle,” said Campbell.

 Jed appreciates that working in a vertically integrated company like Aegis Energy
Services, requires cross-training and cross-knowledge, which makes his job both interesting and satisfying.

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