PEOPLE IN POWER: Gennaro Aulisio

PEOPLE IN POWER: Gennaro Aulisio

While many companies have a utility person that can best be described as a “chief, cook, and bottle washer,” Gennaro Aulisio of Aegis Energy Services, Inc., prefers to describe himself as a “drag racer, hot-rodder, and engine builder.”

A natural gas-fueled engine is at the core of Aegis Energy Services’ Combined Heat and Power Systems, which are modular units that include an induction generator, microprocessor control panel, protective switchgear, and heat-recovery equipment.

Serving as an Aegis Research and Development Mechanical Engineer, Aulisio is responsible for new product design, production, and testing. In other words, he is the “engine builder” for Aegis’ systems.

“Several of the products we sell are built from my designs,” Aulisio said. “I believe we have the most reliable product out there, one that can give our customer years of service while ensuring reliable savings.”

Aulisio is at the forefront of Aegis Energy Services innovations and is continuously working on improvements to the Combined Heat and Power systems that have made Aegis a leader in the CHP industry. He takes input from maintenance records, sales people, and energy analysts when working on the next level of innovation.

“The most notable innovations that have evolved are in our ultra low emission systems and prime movers,” he said. “We have also developed new valve train components to enhance camshaft life. I have developed specifications for a dry fuel cylinder head configuration.”

He also works closely with engine component manufacturers in his on-going efforts to improve his own custom-built designs, always with an eye toward enhancing performance and capability. Aulisio reflects back on when he personally assembled over 100 Aegis CHP units back when the company first began its manufacturing process.

Aulisio brings almost 40 years of experience to his Aegis projects, including 19 years with General Electric’s Defense Systems and seven years working with NASTECH in the Research & Development lab and prototype workshop.

He is particularly proud of taking projects from design to deployment including the 75 kW induction machine and 75 kW synchronous machine, which he helped lead into production. However, Ausilio is most excited about the next generation of CHP systems, currently on the drawing board, which are being developed in response to additional needs identified in the market.

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