Communications is the key to successful IT interaction, whether you are linking up to for holiday shopping, or remotely monitoring a Combined Heat and Power system for an assisted living facility.

Gary Proulx is the IT Coordinator at Aegis Energy Services, Inc., and it is his job to make sure that “all systems are go” when it comes to monitoring the performance of Aegis’ CHP systems.
Those systems are often providing both electricity and thermal energy for a school, a hospital, a hotel, or a multi-residential complex.

Many of Aegis’ customers take part in the company’s 24/7 Remote Monitoring service as part of their maintenance program, a system that identifies and addresses potential issues with CHP units immediately. The reliability of that system relies heavily on communications.

Aegis Energy Services has made significant investments in the technology that allows Proulx to perform his duties.

“We have dual 46 inch monitors in service that visually show us if communications are running or down,” he said. “Also, we can conduct a manual check of the sites.”

Proulx has worked with Aegis for seven years and his job has shifted from project management to IT work as Aegis continues to add sites with 24/7 Remote Monitoring.

His day starts with checking and resolving any communications issues with the various sites.

“There is often a computer to fix or

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a cell to troubleshoot or set up,” he said. “I do the coordinating with the various ISPs and new sites to get the internet addresses and demarking
point for the new sites.”

With a professional IT Coordinator leading the 24/7 Remote Monitoring System, Aegis customers can rest assured that their CHP systems will remain up and running at optimal parameters.

“We put a significant amount of effort in keeping communications and monitoring up,” Proulx said. “This effort allows the entire system to run as it should and operate at peak performance.”

The system also allows for early intervention if a problem should arise. These systems have been installed with “pre-alarms” which anticipate potential problems down the line in facility’s entire heating system.

“If a cogen should have a repair or performance issue it will send out an alert to us and we can often adjust the unit remotely or promptly dispatch a tech for repair,” Proulx said. “This constant effort of monitoring assures the customer of maximum up-time with optimum performance, and attainment of promised energy savings.

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