PEOPLE IN POWER: Dave Thompson

PEOPLE IN POWER: Dave Thompson

By design, Aegis Energy Services, Inc. is an energy innovation company. Founded in 1985, the company has become a leader in the modular Combined Heat and Power industry by continually adapting new methods, ideas, and products to the cogeneration field.

People like Dave Thompson, Engineering Manager at Aegis Energy Services, Inc., are at the forefront of that innovation.

“Our customers drive the need for us to innovate,” said Thompson, who brings a Mechanical Engineering degree from RIT and nearly 20 years of experience in the field to work with him each day. “Our internal R&D team is always looking for new ways to make our products and processes better.”

During the course of a typical day, Thompson will interact with Team Leaders, Project Managers, Project Engineers, and Start-Up Technicians. He will work on and approve mechanical drawings, and coordinate equipment delivery.

“I will also follow up with suppliers and contractors, oversee load module fabrication, and take whatever other steps are necessary to execute the installation of CHP systems,” he said.

Thompson points to the technology behind the Aegis Energy Systems’ PowerVerter as an example of an innovation that was driven by customer need.

In the case of a central power grid failure, PowerVerter, with its black start capability, will continue to operate, delivering heat and electricity.  During that emergency, the system will automatically switch its electrical output to the load priorities pre-selected by the building manager, thereby keeping those functions up and running during the grid blackout.

“The storms and other recent weather events have placed the need for blackstart systems at the top of our customers’ priority list,” Thompson said. “The inverter technology with blackstart capability came out of that need.”

He also points to innovation such as enhanced monitoring capability and system performance verification as indications of the company’s commitment to evolve according to customer needs.

“We are continually processing feedback from our service department,” Thompson said. “We are applying that information based on the knowledge and experience that comes from 28 years of designing, installing, owning, operating and maintaining CHP plants.”





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