PEOPLE IN POWER: Dale Desmarais

PEOPLE IN POWER: Dale Desmarais

Dale Desmarais is looking for a few good salespeople.

As Director of Sales and Marketing for Aegis Energy Services, Inc., Desmarais is charged with building a sales team that will help maintain the company’s status as a leader in the Combined Heat and Power field.

“We have seen growth in our industry like never before,” said Desmarais.  “We need great people to support that growth.”

Aegis Energy Services, Inc. is an innovative Combined Heat and Power (CHP) company based in Holyoke, MA. Founded in 1985, Aegis Energy Services’ modular systems are currently utilized across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic providing sustainable, clean power options for a wide array of customers.

Although CHP technology has been around for more than 100 years, it has recently experienced a renaissance as a viable, sustainable alternative energy option.

“I think success of existing CHP systems in the marketplace is driving more people to look at CHP,” said Desmarais. “Building owners who are sharing their savings numbers with industry partners, property management companies adding it to more buildings in their portfolio, and large development companies installing CHP in bulk have all fueled the growth.”

Desmarais also points out that regulators and utilities have also been actively promoting CHP as one of the best measures a building with a large heat load can implement to drive predictable savings and emissions reductions. There are also large state and federal incentives to help fund CHP projects

As a green energy innovator, Aegis Energy Services’ own growth has mirrored that of the overall industry. For the last two years, Aegis has earned regional awards for growth. The company has been recognized in the Total Revenue category, and both its manufacturing arm, Aegenco, Inc, and its finance subsidiary, PowerVestors, LLC, were recognized for revenue growth.

“Aegis provides turnkey CHP solutions for our customers and that is part of what makes us a leader in the industry,” said Desmarais. “We offer True Vertical Integration which allows us to handle every aspect of a project from CAD to completion.  Owners, developers and property managers really appreciate this approach and it is the reason why Aegis is often selected over other CHP providers.”

Desmarais has a Management degree from Westfield State University and brings over 20 years of experience in leading sales teams to his position at Aegis.  He oversees daily sales efforts, speaks at industry events and trade shows, guides marketing initiatives, and helps move projects through the pipeline to completion.

So what type of salesperson is he looking for?

“I live by one rule; only hire and develop the best people,” he said. “Our field is highly technical but you do not need to be an engineer to promote our product. I will take a person with an amazing attitude and a stellar work ethic and train them to be successful.”


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