PEOPLE IN POWER: Chris Kennedy, Operations Analyst

PEOPLE IN POWER: Chris Kennedy, Operations Analyst

How does a facility manager or building owner know if their Combined Heat and Power system is working at optimum capacity?

Customers of Aegis Energy Services, Inc who subscribe to the firm’s 24/7 remote monitoring services know they can get answers from Chris Kennedy.

Kennedy is an Operations Analyst for Aegis Energy Services and oversees a state-of-the-art maintenance system that has made Aegis the customer service leader in the burgeoning Combined Heat and Power industry.

Kennedy manages six separate remote monitoring platforms to receive real-time updates of Aegis-installed CHP units. The proprietary software gives him the current status of each unit, but also provides data that can be analyzed for trends and patterns.

“Each cogeneration unit is designed to run a specific way during each of the four seasons,” said Kennedy. “It is my job to make sure that is happening.”

The Aegis Energy Service department opens at 4 a.m. and Kennedy’s first order of business is to engage technicians and supervisors to get an overview of any issues that need to be addressed. That initial step leads to a full day of systematic checks and balances to ensure that Aegis Energy Services, Inc clients are getting the most out of their Combined Heat and Power systems.

There are a lot of bells and whistles involved in Kennedy’s day which includes checking pre-alarms from monitored units and “calling” other cogen units through a Virtual Private Network.

“I begin calling each unit individually to see how they ran overnight or if there are any issues,” Kennedy said. “We look for anything out of the ordinary or evidence that a cogen is either not running optimally or it is stressing itself to reach optimal run performance.”

Aegis CHP systems are also equipped with “pre-alarms” which allow disturbances in a customer’s ENTIRE heating/electrical system to be highlighted before an actual problem occurs which may shut down the CHP system.

Each day Kennedy personally inspects approximately 200 Aegis units. The information he extracts is archived and can be analyzed at any time.

“I can examine that information in the future and see what was going on each day,” he said. “Analyzing trends and patterns can help maximize savings for the customer.”

Kennedy says multi-tasking is the most important skill he brings to the workplace.

“While all this is going on technicians are calling in for assistance, customers are calling in to report issues and members of other departments are requesting work to be done or scheduled,” he said. “The ability to move quickly from one task to another is key.”

All of these tasks are done in the service of providing outstanding results for Aegis customers.

“We want to maximize our runtimes to provide maximum savings,” Kennedy said. “ A cogen unit being down helps no one. My primary responsibility is to keep the cogens running effectively and efficiently to provide savings and clean energy to all of our customers.”




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