People in Power: Chris Kennedy – Customer Service Liaison

People in Power: Chris Kennedy – Customer Service Liaison

A year ago Chris Kennedy was working as an Operations Analyst for Aegis Energy Services, Inc. In that role he was responsible for a state-of-the-art maintenance system that has made Aegis the customer service leader in the burgeoning Combined Heat and Power industry.

Today, Kennedy remains focused on the client as the company’s Customer Service Liaison.

“In my new role I am really a voice for the customer,” said Kennedy. “My position gives the customer a go-to person for any of their issues. I am always available anytime to speak with a customer.”

Kennedy has been with Aegis Energy Services, Inc. since 2010 and has served in multiple capacities.

“Before I was an Operations Analyst, I worked as an Energy Analyst,” he said. “That helped me understand the financial side of the equation and the amount of annual savings those using CHP can achieve. After that, being an Operations Analyst helped me understand the product and how it impacts the day to day operation of sites.”

Being “hands on” in several disciplines at Aegis Energy Services has also allowed Kennedy to develop relationships at every step in the design, production, installation, and service of the CHP system.

“I’ve learned where our units are and the names of our customers,” he said. “Working within the service department has also given me a better working relationship with individuals in that department.”

Those interpersonal relationships allow Kennedy to provide optimal customer service to Aegis clients.

“My day begins with an overview of all current active customer requests or situations, assessing which ones need additional follow up either externally or internally,” he said. “I reach out to customers, address emails, gather information, and report back.”

Kennedy speaks to the customer directly, making sure they know their concerns have been heard and an action plan is in place. A firm “follow up” date is given.

“Even if the status of the situation is still fluid, we stick to that date,” said Kennedy. “We want to let the customer know they have not been forgotten or pushed aside.”

The Customer Service Liaison gives the Aegis customer another layer of support throughout the CHP process.

“They know that I’m here for them and will solve their problem or get their problem solved through working with the other departments in the company,” Kennedy said. “Having their concerns dealt with promptly and efficiently lets our customers know that we are here for them from day one, from the beginning of the sales process and throughout our relationship together.”

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