PEOPLE IN POWER: Bobby O’Neil, Director of Operations

PEOPLE IN POWER: Bobby O’Neil, Director of Operations

As Director of Operations at Aegis Energy Services, Bobby O’Neil has his eye on a wide array of procedures and processes.

“For a good part of the day I am speaking with our suppliers about current R&D projects, our service team about maintenance plans, and our production crew to ensure that they have all the resources they need to keep jobs progressing according to schedule,” says O’Neil. “There needs to be a tremendous amount of cross-talk within the departments here at Aegis and the accurate exchange of information is crucial to the overall success of a project from start to finish.”

O’Neil, who has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Western New England University, brings over 15 years of experience in aerospace electro-mechanical manufacturing, including process engineering and assembly/test lab management, to his work at Aegis.

O’Neil looks to take his expertise and add to the procedures and processes that are in place.

“I am bringing a ‘process control’ and ‘customer-focus’ approach to managing at Aegis Energy Services, Inc. My goal is to leverage my learned experience within the aerospace industry (which tends to be among the highest in regards to quality and requirements control) to boost the proven production standards and field services here at Aegis, as well as increase our overall operations efficiency.”

As an example, O’Neil will oversee the maintenance plans and programs for Aegis’ modular CHP systems. As Aegis Energy Services clients know, “maintenance” suggests more than just repairs. While the program does cover repairs and periodic replacement of major system components, such as the engine and generator, it is also designed to cover preventative/scheduled maintenance of units to ensure that the machines run, as designed, to optimum performance specifications.

Through a high-speed internet connection and a proprietary software package, the service department remotely monitors each system’s performance in real-time. The service department is able to adjust certain components of the system to ensure it is operating at optimum efficiency, in accordance with each site’s specific needs.

O’Neil will look for even further efficiencies within this 24/7 remote monitoring maintenance plan.

“I seek out systemic issues, and find value-added solutions to those issues,” he said. “Implementing solutions through training and repetition, plus continuously monitoring their effectiveness over a chosen period of time usually mitigates any long-term, ill-effects of any changes that are made.”

His approach is to get consensus

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from the field, and progress through a shared vision.

“The best approach, in my opinion, is to solicit ideas from those who are involved with, or are directly affected by the daily issues, as they usually have the most valuable input that can lead to beneficial changes going forward,” he said. “Giving each person at least partial ownership of their individual processes and procedures leads to a more empowered, productive, and efficient workforce.”


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