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Aegis Energy Services, Inc has successfully designed and installed Combined Heat and Power systems in hundreds of multi-unit residential buildings throughout the Northeast. Whether in a building owned by private developers, public housing authorities, or universities, our CHP systems deliver consistent energy savings due to the steady thermal loads typically required by these applications.  An Aegen Thermo Power TP-75 is a modular, scalable on-site cogeneration system that reduces energy costs in large multi-unit residential applications due to its high efficiency generation of electricity and useable waste heat to supply a large thermal demand usually required for domestic water heating, heating, absorption cooling, and pool heating.

In our extensive experience with multi-unit residential buildings, we have found that the success of a cogeneration installation is driven primarily on sizing the CHP system based on the thermal needs of the building. It is for this reason that our combined-cycle efficiencies approach 85%.

Many states provide grants and other incentives for installing these high-efficiency cogeneration systems in multi-unit residential buildings, and Aegis Energy Services has an experienced staff dedicated to searching for and completing these grant proposals on behalf of its clients.

Here are some of the characteristics that make an Aegis Energy Services cogeneration system a good fit in multi-unit residential buildings.

  • Hot water heating systems
  • 100+ apartments, condo- or co-op units
  • 30,000+ therms of gas used annually
  • Master Electric Metering
  • High Electric Rates
  • Heated pools

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