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Aegis Energy Services has successfully designed and installed Combined Heat and Power systems in many facilities where dehumidification and desiccant functions are required. Such facilities include museums, archives, data centers, and indoor pools. Aegis Energy Services has worked with museums such as The National Archives, which controls temperature and humidity to strict levels in order to protect important historical documents such as the US Constitution. In this system, air is first cooled to 50 degrees F to drive out moisture. The air then must be re-heated to a 70 degrees F to keep the staff and thousands of visitors comfortable. It is in this reheat phase, that useable waste heat from the CHP plant is utilized.

Aegis Energy Services has also worked with countless facilities with indoor pools, which also have a requirement to control the ambient humidity. Useable waste heat from the cogen plant is used to heat both pool water and to drive an absorption cooling unit, heat wheel, or other desiccant system, which reduces ambient humidity.

Of course, in both cases, these facilities use electricity from the CHP plant to offset purchases from central power plants and distribution grid, and save money due to the system’s high efficiency. It is also due to this high efficiency that a facility’s carbon footprint is reduced.

 An Aegen Thermo Power TP-75 is a modular, scalable on-site system that reduces energy costs in dehumidification applications due to its high efficiency generation of electricity and useable waste heat to supply a large thermal demand, usually required for pool water heating, ambient air dehumidification, and domestic hot water. In our extensive experience with dehumidification processes, we have found that the success of a cogeneration installation is driven primarily by sizing the CHP system based on the thermal needs of the building. It is for this reason that our combined-cycle efficiencies approach 85% and our systems experience high run times and short paybacks.

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