Markets Served

An Aegen Thermo Power TP-75 is a perfectly scalable Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system that works very well in  a multitude of applications because of their large thermal need that is delivered in the form of hot water. Many of our competitors will tend to try to size a cogeneration system based on a building’s electric needs and many of these systems are oversized for the thermal need, resulting in far too much heat rejection. However, because of our years of experience in installing these cogeneration systems in a variety of  facilities, we have found that the success of an installation is driven primarily on sizing the CHP system based on the thermal needs of the building. Some applications include multi-unit residential buildings, health care, recreational facilities, hotels, education, industrial, and dehumidification.
Here are some of the characteristics that make cogen a good fit at many  facilities.
– Hot water heating systems
– 30,000+ therms of gas annually
– 100+ apartments, beds or residents 
– Master Electric Metering
– High Electric Rates
– Heated pools 
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