ISO New England calls for expanded natural gas pipelines

The chief executive of ISO New England has called for expanded natural gas pipelines in the region.

According to the Boston Herald, Gordon van Welie of ISO New England testified in Washington, D.C. before a House subcommittee to decry a lapse in the current state of natural gas transportation to customers throughout New England.

Considering the area’s growing dependence on natural gas, which now powers more than half of New England, ISO New England’s chief executive has recommended an expansion of storage inventory facilities and more efficient supply chains to better facilitate the region’s supply and reduce costs for customers.

By working with liquid natural gas suppliers, van Welie hopes to avoid electricity shortages experienced during storms, such as one in February that lost over 6,000 megawatts of electricity, nearly a fifth of the region’s total capacity. A better natural gas system will be able to meet the demand of New England’s natural gas generators during peak periods.

Considering the imminent price hike in natural gas that would affect New England customers, it should be stated that on-site Combined Heat and Power systems, like the Aegen TP-75LE, will recover usable heat to be used in the building’s heating system. In addition, the engine will drive a 75kW generator, providing free electricity to the building, lowering your dependence from the grid. And cogenerated natural gas is more cost effective than running the same gas through your boiler.

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