Combined Heat and Power making in-roads in both the US and global community

Combined Heat and Power making in-roads in both the US and global community

While Aegis Energy Services, Inc continues to expand its operation in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, the technology behind its Combined Heat and Power systems is gaining global recognition with growth in Europe and Asia. The recognition of CHP as a proven energy saving, emission reducing technology has led to this expansion.

Aegis Energy Services, Inc utilizes modular CHP systems to reduce both energy costs and emissions for a variety of facilities, from healthcare and assisted living facilities, to recreational and multi-residential complexes, and hotels. There are also institutional, educational, and industrial facility applications.

This same technology is gaining a foothold in places like China, where a new cogeneration plant is in the works to provide electricity and industrial heating for the Nanxun development zone, one of the first entrepreneurial regions south of the Yangtzee River.

Metro Cash & Carry, an international self-service wholesaler, is experimenting with installing CHP in its wholesale stores in Germany and Russia in an effort to conserve energy and reduce emissions. The installed units will be used to heat the stores and meet a portion of the electricity needs.

Metro Cash & Carry serves restaurants, hotels, caterers, and other business professionals. The expectation is the units will reduce carbon emissions by up to 20 percent.

The Splosna Novo Mesto General Hospital in Slovenia is installing rooftop CCHP (Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power) units to lower emissions, increase energy efficiency, and ensure reliable power for its 377-bed regional hospital.

CHP is gaining governmental support in Europe as well. Much like the recent allocations for U.S.-based CHP projects, the Slovenia hospital project was funded in part by the Council of the European Union to help the hospital meet international efficiency standards.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is not new technology. It goes back to 1882 when Thomas Edison used CHP as the core of the world’s first commercial power plant. Aegis Energy Services has updated that same technology and made it modular, compact, and affordable.

While the global community begins to steer toward CHP and other renewable energy options, there is no doubt that the United States is a torch bearer in the renewable energy industry. By 2010, the U.S. was already generating 11.4 percent of its electricity from renewable sources. President Obama has called for doubling the amount of renewable energy being used in the next three years particularly in order to meet the challenges of climate change and energy security.

Aegis Energy Services, Inc is on board, becoming one of the leading Combined Heat and Power companies in the region by installing nearly 500 systems in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Likewise, the company is well-placed and experienced in locating for its customers the many state grants and incentives which help defray a portion of the installation cost for CHP.



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