CHP the centerpiece of major manufacturing expansion

A German lighting manufacturer has invested in an extension to its premises, with cogeneration at its fulcrum.

FriedlNews reports that a key element of the energy efficiency upgrade is a combined heating and power (CHP) plant which as well as producing heat and electricity in a single process utilises natural gas with an overall efficiency rate of 91 per cent.

These include the changeover from oil to natural gas, requirements-based control of the heat supply, conversion of the heating system in the halls of the facility and replacement of the measuring, regulating and control technology. A green building monitor displays the amount of energy being consumed and generated on a continuous basis.

Annual energy savings of circa 25 per cent and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 450 tonnes per annum have been achieved with the new energy concept that was jointly developed with Siemens AG for Zumtobel’s Usingen plant.

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