Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. raises energy prices for electricity customers

Last Thursday, Maryland’s Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. announced an average $6 monthly spike in energy prices for its electricity users.

The period effected by this rise is June through next May, blamed by an increase in natural gas prices.

BG&E customers managing large facilities like apartment buildings, hospitals and nursing homes can soften the blow from escalating prices through Aegis Energy’s combined heat and power (CHP) systems. While running natural gas through your boiler only produces heat, natural gas run through CHP systems recover heat for useable hot water to use in domestic hot water and air conditioning applications, and produce a free load of electricity to save electric costs and reduce your facility’s dependence on the grid.

Heat your multi-unit apartment complex, condominiums, nursing home or hospital using natural gas more efficiently with an Aegis CHP system. Contact us for a free site evaluation today.

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