Aegis Energy Services, Inc recognized by New Jersey’s Division of Air Quality

Aegis Energy Services, Inc recognized by New Jersey’s Division of Air Quality

Combined Heat and Power company’s signature Aegen system emission values come in under regulatory limits.

Aegis Energy Services, Inc, an innovative Combined Heat and Power (CHP) company based in Holyoke, MA, has earned recognition from the State of New Jersey as an insignificant source of emissions.

Aegis Energy’s Combined Heat and Power systems deliver two forms of energy, heat and electricity, from a single fuel source (natural gas). The high-efficiency CHP systems significantly reduce energy costs and harmful emissions as recognized by the EPA.

The New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT) has submitted an Independent Performance Verification of the Aegen Thermo Power TP-75 CHP Module to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), confirming the system is an insignificant source of emissions under state guidelines.

Conducted by Air Tox Environmental Company of Connecticut, the study involved three, one-hour test runs and data collection of the

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TP-75’s exhaust stack while operating at 100 % load. The reported emission values were demonstrated to be less than the NJDEP regulatory limits for the purpose of an insignificant source determination for electricity generating equipment that is less than 500 kW in capacity.

The tests were conducted in November of 2013.

Based on NJCAT’s verification report, the NJDEP’s Division of Air Quality recognizes that the Aegen Thermo Power TP-75 CHP Module is an insignificant source of emissions. The designation means the company does not need a preconstruction permit for installation of its 75kW systems in the state of New Jersey.

Founded in 1985, Aegis Energy Services is a full service Combined Heat and Power developer and installer that utilizes modular systems to reduce both energy costs and emissions for a variety of facilities, from healthcare and assisted living facilities, to recreational and multi-residential complexes, and hotels. There are also institutional, educational, and industrial facility applications.

Aegis Energy Services is the leader in modular CHP systems, having installed nearly 500 systems in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.


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