Aegis Energy Services CHP system proves beneficial to resort’s energy savings and eco-rating

Aegis Energy Services CHP system proves beneficial to resort’s energy savings and eco-rating

Cost savings and emissions reduction help Saybrook Point Inn reach sustainability goals

Saybrook Point Inn and Spa, a AAA 4-diamond resort in Old Saybrook, Connecticut,

located on Long Island Sound and the Connecticut River, has been an “early adapter”

when it comes to sustainability measures in and around their facilities.

“The hospitality business seems to be lagging a little bit when it comes to adapting,”

said Stephen Tagliatela, owner and Innkeeper at Saybrook Point. “Here, when we

see a good investment, we make it.”

Saybrook Point Inn and Spa has seen dramatic results from its investment in an

Aegis Energy Services Combined Heat and Power system.

A 12-month study of energy costs between July 2012 and July 2013 shows the CHP

installation has resulted in significant cost savings and emissions reduction for the


“When we look at the financials we are finding the savings may be even greater than

what is being reported,” said Stephen Tagliatela. “We are seeing energy costs just

below two percent of revenues.

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It wasn’t that long ago that energy costs were four

percent of revenues. Aegis is the largest piece of that.”

The installed Aegen Thermopower 75kW LE Combined Heat and Power system

provides the simultaneous production of both heat and electricity from a single fuel

source. The system offsets the thermal demand that was once supplied from the

resort’s oil-burning boilers while also providing more than 30 percent of the inn’s

electricity demand.

In all, Tagliatela says the inn is generally seeing a $100,000 a year drop in utility

costs since the installation of the Aegis Combined Heat and Power system.

“For a small business like ours, that is quite substantial,” he said.

Saybrook Point has a long-standing record of environmental stewardship and the

“greening” of its hotel and marina business has earned the resort multiple awards

including the Connecticut Green Business Award from the state’s DEP. Also, the inn

was the first in the state to earn the prestigious Green Lodger Award.

The facility has championed a series of projects including eco-smart thermostats,

solar panels, Farm-to-Chef menus sourced from local providers, electric vehicle

charging stations, and natural conversion of salt for swimming pool chlorination.

While there are a few groups that specifically seek out “green” options when

booking conferences, vacations, or retreats, Tagliatela says the real value of the

energy investments comes in the form of features and benefits to guests.

“One thing the CHP project has allowed us to do is keep the outdoor pool open year

round for guests,” he said. “Our investments have to be ‘guest-neutral’ at minimum.

We look for things like this that will be ‘guest-positive’.”

Tagliatela says Saybrook Point Inn and Marina has also seen the benefits of Aegis

Energy Services’ 24/7 remote monitoring system.

“If there is a problem, Aegis is fixing it in some cases before we even know about it,”

he said. “They have autonomy over the building in that regard and we’ve never done

that before. We consider them our partners.”

Aegis Energy Services, Inc. has may clients in the hospitality business since the

demand for heat for guest rooms and pools make CHP a terrific application for this

market segment.

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